Ticket Title:
- (STEAMHUNT.COM) Support for game number: Your game number!

Ticket Content:
- Game Number: Your game number
- What Happened : Explain what happened
- Trade Link: Your trade link
- Steam Profile: Your steam profile

If you follow the model you should get an answer from support within 24 / 48 / 72 hour(s)!
For every game the commission is up to 10 %!
Hourly Free Skin and Withdraw Ban!
Trying to cheat the system will result in a permanent ban!
The ban is permanent and cannot be removed!
Common Reason(s): Spam redeem button, Spam withdraw button, Send multiple query to the server or If you have a negative balance!
We reserve the right to add or delete rule(s)!

1 Maximum deposit items per one game - 70 skins (for one player). The minimum amount of items in the deposit is equal to $1.
2 If you put things more than can accommodate the current round, or after the end of the round, they will go next.
3 Service Commission varies from 1 to 10 percent depending on the value of winning.
4 Payout is transferred into your CSGOForest.com site-inventory. In rare cases, the time of issue may be delayed up to a few minutes. Then you can 'withdraw' skins to your Steam Inventory
5 If you do not accept offer when you withdraw in one hour, it will be canceled. It is necessary to our BOT so it will not lagg to other players!
6 Every time sending items, you agree to the rules of use of the site. And that you are +18!
7 If your inventory is closed, or you entered an incorrect TRADE URL to the inventory, we cannot resend you Trade offer except you still have your skins in skinrage site-inventory
8 The maximum time the game is governed by the rules of the selected room.
9 Your won items can be transfered to you in multiple trade offers from our bots.
10 We accept all of the skins from games listed on the homepage.
11 We can guarantee a correct estimate of the cost of things only when it is on the Marketplace Steam, otherwise your item may be misjudged.
12 It is forbidden to put the souvenir items excluding gift sets, such items are canceled.
13 We reserve the right to send occasional payoff equivalent to the amount of winning, if our fault prize has not been delivered in time.

If you have any concern, question or complaint regarding this Agreement, please contact Steamhunt at: support@Steamhunt.com Date of Last Revision: January 4, 2017